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Jim Scott, ISO/IEC 17025 Executive Consultant

As an Executive Consultant with EuroQuest, Jim Scott specializes in environmental and laboratory consulting and training. 

Jim has been in quality related activities associated with ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 17025 for laboratories, and ISO 9001 for manufacturing and services, and for over 20 years.  With a background as a tenured college professor in biology and physics, he is eminently qualified as a trainer and consultant in these areas. 

Jim was lured from college life by Georgia Power where he was responsible for developing its environmental management system.  He also was in charge of their audit system, and was the lead auditor against all US EPA environmental management system requirements, including all laboratory applications. 

Since leaving Georgia Power, Jim has concentrated on consulting, auditing, and training.  He has assisted more than seventy companies and federal organizations with their ISO 9000, 14000 and 17025 implementation and registration process.   

Jim is an RABQSA approved QMS Lead Auditor, an RABQSA and IRCA approved Environmental Lead Auditor, and a senior auditor for auditing laboratory management systems with A2LA.  He has extensive audit experience including registration audits against over fifty federal and state codes and regulations.  

He is a member of the following professional committees working on specific environmental and laboratory projects:

  • American Association for Laboratory Accreditations – US EPA Office of Solid Waste Joint Task Group, the Accreditation Council, and the Environmental advisory Council
  • American Water Works Associations – Joint Task Group for revision of Standard Methods
  • AOAC International – Pharmaceutical Laboratory Accreditation Criteria Committee
  • US EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
  • North American Implementation Task Force on Mercury – North American Free Trade Agreement
  • Electric Power Research Institute – Project ABATE

Jim Scott holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Premedical Chemistry from the University of Georgia, a MAT in Physics from the University of the South, and an MS in Organic Chemistry from Tennessee State. 



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